Fast Setup &

Xymon (formerly Hobbit) is an extremely powerful monitoring package, we can help your organization quickly leverage it!

  • Get setup and running fast with our extensive Xymon experience, no more guessing and Google searches.
  • We provide full documentation and training for your staff.
  • The confidence you need: We make sure your alerts will trigger properly.


We provide a range of custom checking and alerting modules to ensure total monitoring of your systems.

  • CIM XML agents: Monitor and graph CIM metrics directly inside Xymon (i.e.; from VMWare ESX servers).
  • We can create custom checks quickly, enabling you to seamlessly monitor your entire network.
  • We also offer full SNMP alerting and graphing modules.

Migrations &
Bulk Adds

Have a large number of nodes? Moving from and existing monitoring system (such as Orion)? We can automate it all, quickly and reliably!

  • Fast: Automatic migrate of your host configurations into Xymon takes a fraction of the time. Don't spend hours copying and pasting!
  • Reliable: Our scripts guarantee nothing gets left behind, no human error risk due to manual re-entry of host information.

A-Team Systems Clients

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Xymon Experience

A-Team Systems has been using and supporting Xymon (formerly Hobbit Monitoring) in high-end enterprise and server environments for over 10 years.

Not only do we help our clients get the most out of this great open source package, but we use it ourselves for our globally redundant monitoring service.

Our experience extends to almost every UNIX platform and also includes the Windows (BBWin) Xymon client in both 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) environments, which lack documentation.

Stop trying to figure it out or worry that you missed a vital configuration option! Take advantage of our experience and let us help you get your Xymon monitoring server going today!

We also offer a complete range of UNIX systems administration and development services. You can learn more about A-Team Systems here.

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